In 1963 the Vidal family founded Vidal Candies, in the Spanish town of Molina de Segura, with a clear objective: to satisfy the needs of consumers worldwide.

This focus on developing overseas markets has resulted in Vidal exporting confectionery to over 75 countries throughout the world. Presently Vidal produces more than 60 million unit of confectionery per from a Manufacturing bases over 210,000 sq metres.

The continuous improvement in our machinery and the increasing investment in resources, as well as in Research & Development, have turned Vidal Candies, into a leading pioneering company in techniques of new product development, packaging and design.

To assure that our products offer the maximum quality Vidal has invested in gaining all the relevant accreditations necessary to serve it’s ever increasing range of customers.

We were the first company in the Spanish sugar confectionery sector to gain the Aenor Certificate for its System of Management of Quality as per the Regulation ISO 9001, and the Certification of the British Retailers Consortium (BRC) at its highest level as well as IFS.

At the same time, Vidal, in its concern for the environment, has taken steps towards the implementation of the Integral System of Environmental Management as per the Regulation ISO 14001.

Vidal Candies have been successfully Marketing and Distributing their Brands in the UK for over 25 years. Our business in the UK continues to grow strongly through investment in Quality , NPD, and service to our huge range of customers across all retail channels

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